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Director of First Impressions

Monica comes to Haber Wealth Management as an experienced Administrative Assistant. She keeps our office running smoothly and, as the Director of First Impressions, you will likely speak with her on the phones or be greeted by her in person as you walk through the doors of our offices. She also has a degree in the culinary arts, so our cookies will be tasting especially delightful on your visits!

Monica is the proud mother of three sons and will tell you that her husband is the love of her life as well as her best friend. She is a jack of all trades when it comes to her out of the office activities. She is an artist, horseback rider, chef, skier, interior decorator, synchronized swimmer, and sailor. She also loves to restore and drive vintage cars and trucks. She gives credit to her youngest son Barrett for teaching her to become a master fisherman on Minecraft as well as how to tinker with the insides of computers and other electronics. She and her husband are avid DIYers and enjoy working on their house. Feel free to ask what project they are working on currently when you come in!

Monica is always looking to learn new information and skills, from how to rock climb to the latest computer programs. “I want to learn and do as much as I can in my time here on earth, and so far, I’d say I’ve gotten a pretty good start.”


Monica is not registered with FSC.